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Chris KleweNFL punter Chris Kluwe's hilarious and uncensored take on society's ills.

Chris Kluwe came to prominence when his blistering and artful letter defending free speech to a Maryland state politician went viral.

Now, the extraordinarily clever, wise, sharp-tongued blogosphere star, NFL player, husband and father, one-time violin prodigy, voracious lifetime reader, obsessive gamer, and fearless champion of empathy and personal freedom takes on everyone and everything in BEAUTIFULLY UNIQUE SPARKLEPONIES. In this collection of rousing, uncensored personal essays, Kluwe tackles issues like guns, athletes' salaries, and the Pope's Twitter feed while also addressing time travel, growing up in the 20-teens, the pay-per-view future of in-helmet cameras, and the end of the world.

An enemy of bad behavior, Kluwe is a guy all of us would be lucky to have on our side in any war of words. Find out who (and what) he's unleashing upon next in BEAUTIFULLY UNIQUE SPARKLEPONIES. In Stores Now!


Chris KleweChris Kluwe grew up in Southern California among a colony of wild chinchillas and didn't learn how to communicate outside of barking and howling until he was fourteen years old. He has played football in the NFL, once wrestled a bear for a pot of gold, and lies occasionally. He is also the eternal disappointment of his mother, who just can't understand why he hasn't cured cancer yet. Do you know why these bio things are in third person? I have no idea. Please tell me if you figure it out.


photo credit: David Bowman — Bowmanstudio.com

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