Forever Yours Submission Guidelines

Forever Yours accepts both agented and unagented submissions.

What we’re looking for…

Fantastic writers who tell a story we can’t put down, characters that captivate us, and if you can make us blush, laugh out loud, or shed a tear—even better.

We’re interested in all styles of romance, particularly contemporary, diverse reads, romantic suspense, cowboys, historicals, and paranormal.

We’re not looking for any YA, fantasy, mystery, general fiction, or nonfiction.

Word count: Novels should be between 50,000-100,000 words. Novellas should be 25,000-50,000 words.

How to submit…

Email with the following:

Once your submission has been received, you will be sent an auto-response confirming receipt of submission. Please allow up to 8 weeks for our editorial team to respond. If your submission is not right for our list, you will be contacted and the file will be permanently deleted.

If we are interested in discussing your submission for the Forever Yours list, you will be contacted and will be asked to enter into a written publishing agreement governing publication.


What makes Forever Yours different from Forever?

With a digital production schedule, we can publish works more quickly, and experiment with stories and genres that haven’t yet broken out in the print marketplace.

Why should an author publish with Forever Yours?

Forever Yours offers a complete publishing package: editing by Forever editors, top-notch cover design from the Forever art team, a dedicated publicist, Netgalley review copies for bloggers/reviewers, social media tools, social media marketing, and an experienced digital sales team with long-standing relationships in the e-marketplace.

For works over 50,000 words, there will be a print-on-demand edition available.

Ebook royalties are 50% of net receipts, and royalties are accounted quarterly. There is no advance.

Where can readers buy these books?

Forever Yours titles are available at all major e-retailers.

How will Forever Yours protect the authors’ works from piracy?

All of Forever Yours titles will be DRM protected.